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Welcome to Elite Network website!
Here you can find all of the information about Our website and business! We are we evolved with the community. We have only on server up at the moment we are hoping to make money and more servers on different games and even more Minecraft servers.

Where you can contact us?
You can contact us at This is if you have any problems with the server or with something or someone relating to the server.

Adding Pages
Adding pages to your website is super easy. You either make your pages just like you're posting in forums with BB code or if you're a little more experienced you can use HTML too. To add a new page, go to your Admin Panel > Themes > Web Pages.

Invite your Friends.
Come along and invite Your friends we are always welcoming new people to the server so get a group of friends together and come along and play we like to interact with the players so if you want to play with us give me shout and me or my Staff members will come along and play.

Why did we start the server?
The reason why we started this in the first place is. So we can play with you guys. We wanted to make the server to have fun and make money from it. We really wanted to start this server for a very long time, But we never got around to doing it but now we are here and we are waiting for you guys to come online and play.

By Kai CEO of Elite Network
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